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The epoxy in the 3lpe Pipe is a powder material that is added to the metal pipe surface by a process called as the fusion bonding. The 3lpe Pipeline Coating is essential in systems that transport and contain highly reactive or corrosive material and in high temperatures. Steel pipes can easily corrode under high temperatures even with passing water. So the 3lpe Coated Pipes can avoid this corrosion with the 3 layer coating. Therefore the 3 Layer Polyethylene Coating Pipeline is used in gas systems and oil and gas lines in some of the deserted and high temperature areas of the world. There 3lpe Pipe Coating Process is complicated and it adds layer by layer to make up the coating. The different thickness of the coating is measured with different standards such as in the DIN 30670 Coated Steel Pipe. The petroleum and gas industries use the ISO 21809 Part 2 Coated Pipeline which has specific characteristics. The coating is resistant to high temperatures and can remain intact under high fluid flow rates. The Three Layer Polyethylene Coated Pipe is the most effective coated pipes and it is one of the most recommended ones.

Black high density polyethylene compound containing≥ 2% well dispersed carbon black class A1 to ensure outstanding weatherresistance, the added carbon black type is less sensitive to moisture despite the hygroscopic behavior due to its fine particle size.

Antioxidants, processing aids and other additives are added to obtain excellent long term properties and a better processabilityensuring protection against extreme external conditions, mechanical impacts and degradation by heat or UV irradiation. It can be used up to 85C service temperature of the pipeline when combined with the grafted adhesives.

Grafted polyethylene adhesive is a polyolefin based adhesive polymer containing anhydride functionality. It can be in granule form and is mainly used as adhesive layer in 3 layer polyethylene system (3LPE) for steel pipe against corrosion coating system in oil and gas pipeline and high pressure water pipeline. The purpose of the Copolymer Adhesive is to bond the epoxy layer to the top polyethylene coat.

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