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Shandong Yixing Polymer Materials Co., Ltd.

Provid professional pipeline anti-corrosion solutions !

  • Epoxy powder  (FBE|)
  • Copolymer adhesive
  • Polyethylene

About us

China 3LPE anticorrosive material manufacturer

Shandong Yixing Polymer Materials Co.,Ltd., located in qufu, a famous historical and cultural city and the hometownof Confucius, is a comprehensive enterprise integrating scientific research, development, manufacturing and sales.
With close cooperation with many universities and research institutes, the company has strong research anddevelopment capabilities.
Our adhesive resin category: mainly includes special hot melt adhesive for water supply, gas, oil and mining steelwire mesh composite pipe, special hot melt adhesive for steel belt reinforced spiral drainage pipe, special hotmelt adhesive for plastic wound drainage pipe, special hot melt adhesive for plastic lining composite pipe,special hot melt adhesive for 3LPE and 3LPP anticorrosive pipe.
The company has been committed to the promotion of technological innovation and research and development of newproducts,and close cooperation with universities and national large petrochemical enterprises resin research institute, usingits technology and equipment as a s...

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Looking forward to the future

We are full of confidence ! We will keep up with the pace of development in the new era,continuous technological innovation, set up a new concept of development, seize new opportunities for development, meet new challenges of development, unite and lead all employees of the company, forge ahead with determination, forge ahead,unite wholeheartedly and serve wholeheartedly, and cooperate with all walks of life and colleagues in the society to create a better tomorrow.

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